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A journey from quarantine towards solitude

I heard the word of quarantine for the first time during this ongoing covid-19. I searched its meaning in dictionary and found this “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.” I started to practice it. Lots of new things came across during this isolation and still new discoveries are coming up. But the best thing I get from this quarantine is a sufficient time to figure out my deepest disease which keep disconnecting me from my soul.

We all are practicing quarantine to protect others and ourselves from a tiny virus that can take our life right? What about other sort of viruses that are affecting our souls? Nobody talks about them so often. Such as negative thoughts. Aren’t our negative thoughts affecting our pure souls daily? Isn’t our behavior due to these negative thoughts hurting others? Don’t you think negativity is also a virus?  Shouldn’t we protect our souls from this virus so we can protect other from negative us?

Our souls are dying because bunches of negative thought are consistently making our souls sick. These thoughts are not only affecting a person itself but also spreading those intense effects around. The solution is practicing soul quarantine; isolation of soul for few moments to protect it from the most dangerous virus of your mind that is negativity. But the problem is instead of isolation we cut our sick souls off and begin to serve those negativities which in return flourish more. We forget about the real patient and let the disease to destroy the remaining part of soul. I am not saying that only negative thoughts could uphold our smooth connection with our soul and make it healthy. But most of the time it’s negativity which keeps us blind and fools us to think that outside world has a solution for everything we suffer.    

Let’s turn this quarantine into a solitude and connect to our souls to heal, leaving behind everything that stop us to connect. This is the best time for all of us to get connected to our souls and learn about our hidden self. The struggle of material life has made each of us a machine to earn for life, but we have forgotten to live, to be happy and to embrace small things which makes us happy. nobody has time to figure out the reason behind emptiness they feel inside. Whenever you get detach from your soul you feel empty. To fulfil this emptiness, we lean towards material things, begin to find our wholeness in others. And so this virus of negative thoughts spread from one person to another.

If you are not willing to protect yourself from this unseen, un-discussed virus, you don’t have the right to transmit it to others as well. Protect your soul to protect others souls. Stay positive and spread positive.

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