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A lesson learned from an innocent soul of nine years.

Today I want to share my personal story with all of you. It is a story about a day which has changed my life and do you know how? Because that day has changed the way I used to think. Hopefully it will prove as a learning story for you people as well.  

One day I was very worried about my life. I was crying secretly that I have a very difficult life and that I am suffering a lot every day. Many complaints were arising in my mind. Suddenly a very beautiful and innocent girl of nine years came and told me how lovely you are and your house is also very lovely. Then she told me that she works in people’s homes for her 2 younger siblings because her step mother forced her to bring money every day. I saw extreme sadness in her eyes as she was talking to me; there were tears in her eyes which she was hiding. She asked for some used dresses to wear. I gave her some money and some dresses. she took the them from me and left, but after she left my heart sank. I found myself the most ungrateful in the whole world. Despite all the comforts, I couldn’t be a thankful person. I was crying over very small things and never realized that people around me are living much more hard lives. It was as if God had sent her to made me understood that how much ungrateful I am. I felt like God had removed the veil from my eyes and asked, “Are you more miserable than the innocent girl who is fulfilling her responsibilities at the age of playing?” Don’t you see the bounties of your life which many others don’t even imagine to have? That day a secret was revealed to me that God has blessed me more than I ever deserved. All the grievances I had in my heart vanished because for the first time I deeply realized that my life is way too better than many of others.

I can share a lot of others stories which will shake your hearts. I have met a lot of people suffering the worst phases of their lives but still I found them strong and brave enough to smile. You can never recognize them with your open eyes. This is how life is. I want you to know that you are not only one suffering in life though I can understand that pain is not easy to digest. But whenever you feel miserable just try to find a person who is living a harder life than yours and try to make that person’s life a bit easier. Trust me! The peace you will feel doing so will spontaneously make your life happier and beautiful.

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