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How to treat toxic people around us?

You are so ugly… You are so dump…Your face looks pale… You don’t have any sense… You are so mean… You don’t have confidence… You are boring… You are not attractive… You can’t do it… You don’t have potential… You don’t deserve love… You are nothing.

We are surrounded by people like this who try to keep us down whenever they get any chance. All they have for us is hate and toxicity. They never allow you to grow and be happy. They are simply jealous for what you have. You must want to get rid from them and be free from these negative people. That is totally normal. You should’ve separate yourself from these negative people to live a better life. But what if I told you that these toxic people are actually an opportunity to make your life best. And from best I don’t mean a rich life style or having best career, what I mean is flourishing your inner happiness at their best.

In our whole life we run for things that make us happy and peaceful. Mostly we run behind material thing which we associate with our happiness and then one day we realize that things can’t buy us happiness and peace. There is something else which we are missing and that is making us empty inside. We realize that in process of filling our external needs we have forgotten about our inner self. These toxic people can be our source of inner peace if only we pay attention deeply.

I want from all of you to look through new lens and observe these negative people around you. Try to understand their behaviors. Learn about them and then make any decision about what you have to do with them. Trust me you will find them innocent and you know why? Because they are not basically toxic. They are just the product of toxic reactions. It might be due to their hard childhood or due to toxicity thrown by society at them. Every negative action sticks with them and they carry burdens of others harsh words and actions inside. Their hearts are filled with regrets, sadness and many other harsh things which might be the result of their own mistakes. But with your little help they can wash their toxicity and you can bring them to positivity. It will benefit you both. I believe it will make your life and your inner, most peaceful and lighter. Because changing someone’s life will automatically change yours and I can guarantee that you will never get the peace purer from anything else, which you get from making someone’s life better or happier. 

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