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It is a Present to be Present in the Present

One who have learned to live in present moment has explored the secret truth of this universe. You may have come across with many people who to encourage you and to give you a boost for life, advise you to learn to live in your present moment.  It is very easy to say that live your present and be alive in it but putting it into practice is not so easy especially for those who are stuck in their past and future and their minds are chained with past and future. With the belief that it is the present that can teach you to live, in which the secrets of your life are hidden and living in the present can make your life better. One should give it a try to experience it and one must have to dig out that Is present a reality or just a bookish thing which many wise people has kept telling us about to manipulate us for their fame? 

Well let’s find out about present moment and practice an exercise right now. Whatever you are doing while reading this blog I want you to sit back and close your eyes. Imagine your whole body sitting right next to you which is attached to many chains, some with your brain and many others with your heart. Imagine these chains are your expectations and desires for example a chain of past or maybe it’s a chain of future. Another chain is pulling you towards a person you love so much. It might be your next day planning chain or it could be your desire to be rich and famous and become very respected to every eye. What I want you to do is to see yourself pulled by many chains you are attached with. Now take a very deep breath and open these chains one by one and feel your body as free and light. Open each chain and make your body and soul free from any holdings. Again take a very long deep breath and imagine yourself sitting in a calm beach where cool breeze is touching your soul and the sound of waves in a quiet surrounding filling your body and soul with peace and joy. Enjoy and peace and joy for as long as you want then open your eyes.

My dear fellows that peace and joy you are feeling is your present moment, where you are not thinking about what should be in future and what should not have been done in past. All you are doing is enjoying the very ongoing life and this is the best present anyone can give to itself because for a moment you are feeling free from all chains. The more you become aware of it the more you will realize that how much worth each moment hold. The stillness and peace which you are searching around is right in front of you but you are not picking it. Awareness is the key to the present and it depend on how much you are willing to let go your attachments.

As Jalal Uddin Rumi once said that “Each moment contains a hundred messages from God.” we can imagine how many messages we have un listened due to our unawareness of each moment.

Live a life like a flowing water which always finds its way to move on.

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