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Life: It goes on

Life, an unpredictable reality which sometime take us to the peak of happiness and then throw us right from that peak to the deepness of sadness. In one moment, it is like a sweet candy you ever taste and then show you the bitterness of its reality. Sometimes it teaches you hard lessons and sometimes it left you empty handed. Sometimes it shows you the way to climb up a huge mountain of difficulties and sometimes it doesn’t even let you to cross a simple bridge of easiness. From up and downs, high and lows, ebb and flows, hitch and hikes, life keeps on changing. It is like a flowing blood in our veins, if it stops, we die. It’s like a breath you inhale, if it stops, we die. life is like a flowing water which always find its way to flow anyway.

Let me share you a story of a master and his loyal servant to make my point more clearly. One day the master asked his servant to write something on his ring that when he read it in his bad times, it will rejoice him and during his good times that sentence will make him sad. The servant wrote only few words and you will wonder after reading, how accurate he was.

“This time will pass too”

Yes, dear people these words are enough to understand the one basic reality of life that good or bad times everything pass on. No matter in which phase you are in your life, it will pass on because it is life, this is how it designed. It has to flow; it has to move on and it goes on. It doesn’t matter you are sticking to your past memories and regretting over something which cannot be undone or you are mourning over some loses, it always finds its way to move on. How can you say your life is over, when you never stop breathing, you never stop doing your job, and you never stop spending days and nights? Don’t let your self being in trap of your complicated thoughts, past and even future. Believe that everything happens for a reason even your hard times teach you to live and survive, as I always believe, pain is the blessing so don’t let this blessing go without teaching you the trick of being alive. Keep telling yourself that the gloomiest night has its end and a new bright morning always there for you to wake you up. Live your present moment as the Rumi said “Don’t go with the flow. Be a flow”. Surrender yourself to the waves and enjoy each moment without holding any past burdens and future schemes. Because if you hold back yourself to live, life will make a hole inside you to make a path to flow due to the fact that It’s the nature of life, it goes on!

I wish you all a blessed life full of joys and peace.

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