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My deepest happiness belong to others happiness

Early morning, I was thinking about why I began to write? What is the purpose of my writing? Do I want to get attentions of people or I am writing for myself? Is it for improving myself? Then my heart answered me, that the first day I started to write, it was purely for myself. I want to write my thoughts because I know writing is the only way to clear your complex thoughts. Then I decided to write to inspire people and every day I am trying my best to bring out the best in you with this belief, that I can change at least one damaged heart to bring it towards life. And I will keep trying until my last breath. And you know why? For the first time in my life I am more than happy because God has given me this courage to help others through writing.

The biggest lesson of my life is to help others, which I learned in Madinah, when my little help, brought tears of happiness in an old woman as for her, I was the reason she could have fulfilled her life biggest dream, and she kept praying for me with joy, at that moment I felt the peace and joy which I never felt before. it’s not that easy for me to express those feelings in words. But I learned that my happiness always belongs to others. If I ever wished to live those magical moments again in my life, all I have to do is to help someone to reach his biggest dream.  

Hope my words will bring a bit of peace in your lives.

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