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Rose: Reflection of Many

“Even when you tear its petals off one after another, the rose keep laughing and does not bend in pain “why should I be afflicted in pain because of a throne? It is the throne which taught me how to laugh” (Rumi)

One of the most beautiful creation of God is ‘A Rose’. They are beautiful and pure and give peace to the eyes. Every touch gives a sensations of joy and their presences makes me alive. They don’t dance but excite my soul to dance. Whenever I see any rose or even think about it, I feel, it has a soul like human beings. Like a human, it is fragile and beautiful yet surrounded by thrones. Like humans, it blooms when attached to its roots, and withered, when detach from its roots. I have no idea how for others it meant, but I always see myself in it: fragile, strong and sensitive. It gives me hope, and tells me that, if it can survive with thrones and still perfect, so can I survive with negative people and griefs of my soul. If it is alone yet spreading fragrance around, so can I help others around me even without anyone’s support. If the cool breeze touch can make it fresh, it can be same for me to refresh my soul. Then I feel its beautiful smile encouraging me to smile with my heart and be alive. It always brings an excitement in my heart and I forget everything but to live. That’s why I call it my first crush.

Rose is my inspiration to life. What’s inspires you? Find your inspiration and learn to be alive from it. Trees, birds, air, mountains, water, flowers and everything around us, keep telling us loudly to live, and live with your full potential but few can hear!

Wish you all the best to find your one true inspiration. May God Guide us to reach HIM.

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