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Secret of Nothing

There are times in life when you feel like you have nothing left. It’s all over. Life is over. You seem to have lost everything. Just a small gust of wind can blow you away. You put all yours energizes on others, which have drained you off. You have nothing left to lose. It stops you from moving forward. You think that with a little effort you will lose your remaining existence. You find yourself on the brink of despair where it is difficult to fill up if you drown. You give up your life in such fear and battle. You hide yourself in the open sea of ​​fear. I can imagine this situation very well and understand exactly where are you standing in life, but here I would like to ask you a question that when you know that you have nothing left to lose, then What are you afraid of? Fearful people are the ones who have something to lose. What do you have to lose? You probably would say ‘nothing’ but deep down you know that It’s your last hope which you are hiding somewhere inside because you are afraid to lose that last bit of you.  

Few days ago on my Instagram I told someone that when you reach at this point in life and you see nothing but an ending you are in a perfect place to find out the treasures beyond this ending. Because when you get ready to lose your last piece of you an unending life begins.  A life begins where nothing is impossible because you are now completely free from your own captivity. The biggest obstacle in a person’s life is to be trapped by his own thoughts. This is the cage that keeps you trapped in your own prison and you cannot be free until you open this cage yourself. All you have to do is set yourself free. Freedom from yourself will take you to a place in life where every color of life is unique.  You are no more to lose anything because now you have lost everything in true sense and have found everything beyond that nothing.

So my dear, if a small gust of wind is ready to blow you away let it blow you don’t stop it because it is the only way to bring you at a place where you are completely lost and found at the same time. As I told you earlier, to set you free from any cage all you need to do is being lost completely. You can never be free from the cage of your ego unless you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

To give yourself value it is enough for you to believe that you are an art of a perfect Artist. And that Artist can never make anything out of value.

Protect yourself from your own thoughts. (Jalal Uddin Rumi)

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