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Self Respect: Training to self for reaching your true Self

Have you ever gone through a situation where someone said bad words to you and in reaction you tell that person that wait and watch I am going to show you my true self, and said even more harsh words in order to satisfy your angry self? Well my dear you might think you have shown that person your real self in order to save your respect but in reality you have just satisfied your thirsty ego, which always in need to be fed through degrading others. but my dear trust me that wasn’t you, it was just your angry self. Ask yourself a question now that have you done right? Have your soul and heart feel peace doing so? I believe your answer must be NO. This is a place where you can learn about self Respect. I come across many people for whom self respect means making others low to feel high. But in reality it is something which is purely related to you.  

Self is a mixture of good and bad or we can say light and darkness. It doesn’t mean only being good or just being so evil. We as a human are the product of both (good and bad). Each and every single person on this universe contain light and darkness inside because it is a reality and we cannot run from it. So we have to manage both of these extremes in order to become who we truly are. Being so good doesn’t make us angel similarly doing bad doesn’t make us evil because no matter what, we are human and no one can ever become so perfect to be angel or devil. Our perfection only lies in being human accepting our both sides. So in order to respect self we have to take both of our sides together to make a balance for reality.

Life is a test to give us lesson to reach our destiny which is hidden under the shadow of our own darkness and at the same time it has provided us light to see it clearly. Our dark side construct walls of hardships to restrain us from reaching our destiny and try to make us strong to pass through these walls, on the other hand our good side allow us to break these walls. Both sides are in competition with each other but both are taking us to the same direction. Now it is up to you to use them both properly for our own good.

But respecting both sides never means to let them flourish equally because a sensible person must know that good or bad may be equal but never could be same. So for me self Respect means embracing and polishing yourself to become better and better each moment. Training your dark side to not make your life darker and your good side to lighten up our path to see our destination. We must have to understand the distinction between light and darkness which resides inside us. Respecting self never involves others but it’s purely related to improvement for your own sake. So even is worst situation try to respect yourself calming yourself to your basic. That is the real meaning of respecting yourself.

Hopefully I have cleared my idea of self Respect. If you have any query let me know. May God guide us to right path!

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