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Tears of joy

I read somewhere that a tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings. A tear of a joy comes out of a heart which, for long time, waited to sense an emotion that touches the thirsty soul like a drop of fresh water. When this sensation touches the sick soul, it brings a hope of being alive. Anything which excites the soul brings tears of joy. I have seen many people who always use to smile and laugh but their eyes are like a deep well of sadness where they hide their pains, regrets and disappointments. They usually act like the happiest persons, but they are not. Their hearts bleed inside and when they cry, it’s like a heavy rain which never wants to stop. These are the people who actually knows the meaning of joyful tears. They know the importance of happiness. For them it doesn’t matter if that happiness last for only few moments and how insignificant that moment meant for others, it plants a seed of hope inside them. A small act of kindness by someone, overwhelmed their hearts as they feel blessed to have it. Even a smile of a child touches their hearts and they feel the joy that no one can feel. They always keep looking for happiness but one mistake they do while this searching; they search their own tears of joy in others while a treasury of happiness resides inside them.

“The whole universe is inside you, so are the joys and the way to reach them”. This is not just a sentence to impress you, this is a reality and a truth that only those can find who have tasted the depth of sadness. Because this sadness has revealed them a secret of internal journey. The more one could feel the pain, the more he is capable of digging inside for happiness. As the Rumi said “the cure for pain is in the pain” so the saddest tear can be the joyous one. it’s my belief that only those hearts can flow the tears of joys, who once, teared for pain.

Always be thankful for what you have and appreciate small things in your life. I wish my words bring a sway of joys in your life and influence your hearts to find their own way to live.

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