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Wake up before it’s too late.

God says that “There is heaven under mother’s feet” and we start kissing her feet and sometimes we comfort her feet because these are the feet under which our heaven is hidden. But we never realize it when we hurt our mothers through our harsh words and behaviors; when we don’t listen to her and talk to her out loud and call her stupid and incomprehensible. How selfish children we are. We love our mothers only because we will get our paradise. Our love is limited to her steps, while a mother who never allowed her sleep to be disturbed by anyone once, today goes all night as a mother just to give her child a proper sleep. When she was a girl she used to cry over a little shout and now she is ready to fight the whole world for the safety of her child. But we never realized this. Think for yourself that heaven is under her feet then by hurting the heart of the mother how can we get that heaven in fact we can’t touch even the smallest joys of life doing so. Stop being so hypocrite and start to understand the real meaning of a mother. We use to post happy mother’s day post and in real life we are consistently hurting her sometime for another person’s love and sometimes our ignorance towards her love. Sorry to say but most of us don’t give their mother value as she deserves. It’s only a mother who can go to the last limit to see a smile on her child. Her prayers for a child are directly listened by God and He never left her empty handed. so wake up dear before it’s too late. wake up before we lost the opportunity to get our heavens through simplest way.

My mother taught me lessons that no book or a teacher can ever teach. during my childhood she advised me once that always try to build yourself internally and you will see that the whole world will come your way and you will pick your happiness all around. I never understood that before but as my life goes on I learned the hidden meaning of her advice. If I am a deep observer today it is only because my mother taught me that to see first and then decide carefully.

Today I want to tell my mom that she is the best Mom one could ever have. She is my best friend. I want her to know that I love her so much. I know I am not a very good daughter but still I always try to be the one you always wished for.

We can never repay our mother’s kindness but what we can do is that as long as we are alive, we can provide our services to comfort her and to make her happy. May God bless our Mothers with a long life and sound health.

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